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Cross Way Ministries

Preaching Christ and Him Crucified

Live Streaming Services

Join us Every Sunday at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm for our Live Streaming Service

We're on Crossline Radio

Crossline Radio is a radio station that preaches Jesus Christ and Him Crucified 24/7

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What We Believe

The Bible is the inspired and authoritative written Word of God. (Mat. 4:4)
-There is one God, eternally in existent: he was the Father in creation, the Son in redemption, and the Holy Spirit in regeneration, and in these three are one (I Jn.5:7)
-In the Diety of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His Virgin Birth, in His Sinless Life, in His Miracles, in His Vicarious and atoning Death, i.e. the finished work, in His personal future return to this Earth in Power and Glory to rule a thousand years. (Jn.1:1-4; Eph.2:13 18; Rev.Chpts.19-20)
-The means of righteousness imputed only comes by faith in the Great atonement. (Romans 3:21-31)
-The born again experience is absolutely essential for personal Salvation. (Jn.3:5-8; Titus 3:5)
-The Baptism with the Holy Spirit, being a definite work of grace, according to Acts 2:4, is given to (not some but all) Believers who ask for it.(Acts 2:4;10:44-46;19:1-7)
-The Redemptive Work of Christ on the Cross provides healing of the human body in answer to believing prayer. (Ex.15:25-26; James 5:14-15; I Pet.2:24)
-We believe in the Progressive Sanctifying Power of the Holy Spirit by those who keep their faith in Christ and the Cross. (Rom.6:3-14; 8:1-2, 11)
-We believe in the Rapture of the Church. (I Thess.4:13-18)
-In the Resurrection of both the saved and the lost, the one to Everlasting Life and the other to everlasting damnation. (Rev.20:5-6,11-15)


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